March 31, 2020

13. Sweet Love Tonight (f) [r]

Uptempo song with strong beat. Singer(s): Female + harmony
November 17, 2019

14. Morning Madness [r]

Frantic song about rushing to work in the morning. Singer(s): Opera choir
July 14, 2020

15. Lose a Foot

a cajun/rockabilly fusion about the dangers of thinking you're safer than you really are
December 31, 2019

15. One Lost Dream (f) [r]

Slow blues. Permission to have a pity party, when we give up a cherished dream. Singer(s): Female
July 20, 2020

16. My Dream [r]

salsa/african fusion
March 31, 2020

16. No Nothin [r]

A song about breaking up, with a bit of rockabilly flavour. Singer(s): Male + harmony
March 31, 2020

17. Sweet Dreams [r]

An easy going song with a lush guitar second half. Singer(s): Male + harmony
January 2, 2020

18. Keep Me Hanging On (f) [r]

Uptempo bouncy song. Singer(s): Female + harmony
March 31, 2020

19. Whip It [r]

A "crowd sing" dance thumper. Singer(s): Male + harmony + crowd
March 31, 2020

20. Rainbow [r]

Singer(s): Male Ready for mix Lay your head on my shoulder Let your heart beat […]
November 15, 2020

21. Let’s We Bitchin

a fun reggae style with crowd sing
April 2, 2020

22. Quittin Song

Quittin cigs ...arrrg. It's hard! Singer(s): Male + harmony