November 17, 2019

03. I Won’t Anymore (f) [r]

Leann Rimes influence. About realizing the that loving someone isn't the same as needing to put up with their abuse. Singer(s): Female
November 17, 2019

06. The Wraith (f) [r]

One of my favs. Haunting slow grinder. Singer(s): Female + harmony
November 17, 2019

09. Thin Air (f) [r]

Dealing with depression and a feeling of hopelessness, when all you can do is put the next foot forward into thin air. Singer(s): Female
April 2, 2020

1. Something I Say

Orchestral piece (plus duet vocal version) about how something simple I say can have a positive impact on others.
March 31, 2020

13. Sweet Love Tonight (f) [r]

Uptempo song with strong beat. Singer(s): Female + harmony
June 30, 2020

13. You Were My Heart (f) [r]

Finding yourself again after a bad heartache
December 31, 2019

15. One Lost Dream (f) [r]

Slow blues. Permission to have a pity party, when we give up a cherished dream. Singer(s): Female
January 2, 2020

18. Keep Me Hanging On (f) [r]

Uptempo bouncy song. Singer(s): Female + harmony
November 17, 2019

2. Old Christmas Songs (f) [r]

Wanting to hear the old holiday favorites. Singer(s): Kids choir
February 9, 2021

23. Til My Heart (f) [r]

raped at a party after going unconscious, and the shaming aftermath
August 30, 2020

25. Wanna Dance (f) [r]

salsa/african fusion
November 17, 2019

3. Back to Me (fm) [r]

Ballad duet of reuniting loves. Singer(s): Male/female duet